Friday May 4

TIME: 9:30 pm


Clip Show, video, 90 min.

Presented by curator: Michelle Johnson (a.k.a. Triple X)

Its time to revisit the early disco era, so glue on those acrylic nails, slap on some blue eye-shadow and take a trip down memory lane with Triple X’s selection of some classic made-for-straight-men movies that have been reclaimed for the ladies featuring Swedish wildcats, frisky inmates, sinning nuns, lesbian vampires and a whole array of astonishingly sexed-up and fabulously big-haired women.  Compiled from nearly 20 different sexploitation films spanning the years of 1965 through the early 80s this hot presentation is guaranteed to make you want to explore your own role-playing adventure with your girl.

Join DJ and musician Triple X, a lifelong student and collector of cult films as she unveils, contextualizes and presents LEZPLOITATION a fabulous new clip show starring the leading women of erotic cinema from the 60s and 70s in Girl Meets Girl, (1974) The Girl From Rio (1969), Venus In Furs (1969), Bare Behind Bars (1980),  Chained Girls (1965), Images in a Convent (1979), Daughters of  Lesbos (1968), Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976), Shiver of The Vampire (1970),  Emmanuelle (1974) and many many more.

To add more heat to your evening’s entertainment we will be raffling off some sexy toys provided with the compliments of xxxxxxxxx (company name to go in here)

SPECIAL EVENT – Ultra & Pandora Events presents LEZPLOITATION the after-party at xxxx (venue and ticket prices to go into the copy for the program  Kirk/Lisa) see page xx for more details

LEZPLOITATION film compilation 47 min
Preceded by introduction and contextualization – 20 min

Total duration: 90 min

9:30 pm  Screening
$xx Non-Members/$xx Members – Film and Afterparty
$13 Non-Members/ $10 Members– Film only

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